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Minnesota wedding photographer

The one behind the camera

Wedding Videographer

I'm from Minnesota and grew up loving the lakes and spending the majority of the time with my family. I love being immersed in nature, ideally alongside my boyfriend and sweet dog. I intuitively dropped out of college a few years back. I didn't have much of a plan, but I felt in my gut that I wasn't on the right path. Shortly after, I came across a wedding videographer on instagram, who is now one of my biggest inspirations. I looked through a few of her videos and had a feeling, had the feeling. I instantly knew I wanted to create work that could bring someone to tears.

I have been filming weddings for 4 years now and I still cannot fathom the fact that this is my career. I am so passionate about filming raw, real and true human connection. 

"Syd was so fun to be around on our wedding day, and is truly so very talented! Our video captures our day from beginning to end so perfectly and beautifully"

"The day of the wedding she was so helpful and did an outstanding job filming. We love our video so much. It captures the happiness and love of our day perfectly."

The Experience

Now let's get into the part where I hype myself up a little bit, don't mind me. But seriously, it's hard to realize beforehand, but choosing a videographer who aligns with you is so SO important. I will be by your side throughout your entire wedding day with a camera in your face, so our connection is pretty necessary unless we both want to be wildly uncomfortable all day. 

The truth is, I'm not a big production team with cameras set up all over. I'm just me, a gal and her one camera, but I think that's what makes me me. I don't want to get all the angles of your ceremony site, that's not me. I want to capture the love in your eyes, the subtle hand holds and the anxious laughs. I want to capture the connection. I will never take you away from your friends to get a shot, because that isn't what weddings are about, at least not to me. I want you to be fully immersed in your wedding day.

Wedding days can be a lot. It's easy to get sucked into the craziness of it all, but I promise I'm going to be that calming presence for you.

Sydney Jean Films

Based out of northern Minnesota

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